How To Use This Web Site

Our new SVHS web site has 4 search algorithms:

- An "All Artifacts" database search - search just museum artifacts

- A "Tree" or "Folder" search we call the "Gallery View" - search by area

- An "All Categories" view - search by Category

- An all-encompassing "Super Search"

The "All Artifacts" database search" (link to left, above, and in Main Menu), is for those who are searching for only museum artifacts, pictures/photographs, headstones, obituaries, historical stories, etc. The search searches our artifact database for those items.

The "Gallery View" (link to left, above, and in Main Menu), is an expandable "Accordion" that has the artifacts, photos, and PDFs in an expandable view by area. If you are searching for something in a particular area (town, etc.), like headstones in a particular cemetery, then this will allow you to drill down the search by areas. You start with choices like Star Valley, Cokeville, Kemmerer, Outside Star Valley; and go from there.

The "All Categories" view (link to left, above, and in Main Menu), shows you that we have every item (artifact, picture, and PDF), in Categories. Go to that view, click on whatever Category you want to search in, and you can then search within that Category for your item.

The "Super Search" (link to left, above, and in Main Menu), will look for the search terms/words and find results in our Pages, Blog Posts, and database of artifacts. This search will show you results, and where the item came from. To the left of the Title, you will see "Page", "Blog", and "Artifact", depending on which it is. You can then chose which you want.

If you want to find everything having to do with a family member or family name, the Super Search is your best bet.

Also, "Search Operands" can be used to refine your searches: quotation marks ("), plus signs (+), the words AND and NOT (capitalized), etc.

Most items searched for will come up in a Thumbnail view, with the Title and a little info. You can then choose to Click on the Thumbnail to see an enlargement, download the item/picture (Button), or see Details of the item (Button).

On the "Details Page", you will see extended information about the item (the Item Number, a Synopsis, what Categories it is in, the Author/Creator/Contributor, etc.) to the right in a column, and be able to download a full-size JPG or searchable PDF.

Other info:

- Our search functions are NOT alphabetical searches. They are like internet Search Engines. They give results using "Term-Weight" and "Relevance" algorithms. Items that have those search terms in them more, or at the top, etc. Sometimes you may not see results like you want to see them. Please add or take away search terms until it provides you with a better set of results.

- Since we have over 65,000 items in our database, and 50 pages in/on our site (and growing constantly), you will see "Pagination" on some search results. Click on each page number, or the Right Arrow (Next), to see a certain page or the next page.

- Some of our views have an "Advanced Search" or a "Search Within" function. After seeing a "page" (or multiple pages) of items, you can then search within those search results to "drill down" to just what you are looking for.

- This site provides items in JPG and PDF format. Your computer or mobile device should have a program or "app" that can view JPGs or PDFs. If not, we suggest the following:

Good PC/Mac Picture Viewing & Editing Program - IrfanView 64-Bit | IrfanView 32-Bit.

Good PDF Viewer: Adobe Acrobat. Note: Please be careful not to download or install any other programs other than the one you want.